05 April, 2012


Its a story of a migrated man and a capital spouce both were well educated ,well disciplined.
but cultures were different though married in a cultured way blessed with two kids.
some how the man started consuming alcohol, they both are equally in an offensive goal,after a long struggle the men is in recovery maintains sobriety, all of sudden he lost his job, he cant able to do hardwork due to his recovery, financial problems started . but the men had maintained his sobriety, when he was an achlolic he used to maintain all the amenities towards the family, but after the lose of job , he could not able to maintain all needs to wards the family. though the well educated wife being financially sound and socially maintains cared people
but due to ego backgrounder by their own parents she started dominating him with broken hearted wordings
she abused him regurely , in the family, near the job place and socially , but  being well educated medical graduate she cant shared a love to wards her husband and she cant able to identify that alcoholism is a  diseases, so called ALCOHOL DEPENDENCY SYNDROME. She used to abuse him in front of society , family members , and his job colleges keeping in mind that what she was faced during the husbands past life.
she filed the legal action against him which are all un proveable except alcoholism , man handled him with the family members , ill treated in the society  and finally with the help/support/or encouragement of the family members she abbanded him and left to her parents home town,
but the country men is such a stubban that he has been maintaining his sober recovery , hence i request the families of the alcoholic  be patience to wards them treat them as a patient and share the love and support them for the recovery , if not what is the faith the country men is facing the lonely ness  which may lead to devorce and the kids may miss the love of their beloved dad. its only an sharing to aware the families to beware of the faith of the country men the characters are only imaginary if its hearts any body i will pleased to appolize . thanks

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