04 April, 2012


The following tips may assist you with enhancing the love relationships in your life.
1. Create Special Time - to connect with your spouse or partner, to share thoughts of appreciation through words, actions or deeds.

2. Listening - can be a wonderful gift to your loved one – don’t forget to be attentive and present when interacting with that special person.

3. Schedule Date Night - each week, so that you and your special love have uninterrupted time to stay connected. You can have a date on the town or at home.

4. Take Responsibility - for your feelings and actions by speaking in "I" terms, don’t play the blame game.

5. When you are angry - take a Time Out such as a deep breath, counting to ten or taking a walk. These strategies will help you avoid hurting each other emotionally throughharsh words or physically through hitting, punching or shoving. Many couples face the risks and pains of intimate partner violence.

6. Communicate - your love, concerns and feelings on a regular basis. You can do this during the day through a special two minute phone call, by taking a walk in the evening, watching the sunrise or sunset, or leaving a love note in a special place.

7. Find a hobby - that you can share together. Many people enjoy cooking, gardening, walking, jogging, reading, playing board games, etc.

8. Attend to each other’s - needs for intimacy and connection. Find ways to remember your days of early dating, and give your spouse or partner that special positive energy.

9. It takes two - to tango, so be willing to lead and follow.

10. Remember to -incorporate three important phrases in your daily interactions: "I’m sorry", "thank you" and "I love you."

A healthy love relationship doesn’t just happen – you have to work at it. Relationships do change (and they definitely will) and when they do you need to be aware of how they are changing and adapt to those changes.
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