10 March, 2012


In a relationship? Wondering if you should stay or go? Well, don’t jump the gun! Here are 10 reasons why one would stay with their significant other..

1. He takes care of you when you’re sick.

2. She avoids adding the olives and eggplant you dislike when making her special pasta.

3. He likes to take you on picnics.

4. She always has a smile for you – no matter what.

5. He likes your pet(s).

6. She doesn’t feel left out when you go out with the guys.

7. He doesn’t complain when you have a chick night.

8. She’s genuinely interested in your career.

9. He calls you cute names like pumpkin or honey-bunnie.

10. She laughs at all of your jokes.

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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

“How soon long should I wait before having sex with someone new?” (Actually, truth be told, this question comes primarily from women. With few exceptions, for most men the answer to the question “How soon should you have sex?” is “How soon can I get it?”
Obviously, the “right time” between two consenting adults varies with every relationship. Some people think it’s okay to sleep with someone on the first date, others think nothing before marriage is acceptable. My own theory on the right time to do it for the first time falls somewhere in between tramp-o-rama and virgin nun.
If you’re just looking for a wild night, and a serious relationship or pesky moral dilemmas aren’t in the picture, then by all means, let the shirt buttons go flying. But, if what you’re looking for is a long-term relationship, you should wait to have sex until you’re in an exclusive relationship and hold off on doing the deed for at least a month.
No sex for the first month. Really.
Remember the old saying your mother, or grandmother used to repeat, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” Well, like it or not, in theory, it still holds true today. Sure the sexual revolution has loosened things up a bit, but as we all know, that old double standard still exists. Sure, you can either sit there, mentally debating with me about why it’s unfair or wrong, or you can just smile and do what works. After all, what’s a little delayed gratification when we’re talking about the man or woman of your dreams? Whip out the fur-lined handcuffs and edible undies on your honeymoon, if you’re so inclined. The third date is not the time.
Okay, now try not to have a heart attack, it’s really not that bad. Once you start dating someone exclusively, one more month really isn’t that long to wait.
Why wait a month? The answer may surprise you. It has nothing to do with any moral issues, and it’s not about playing hard to get. It’s about chemistry. Brain chemistry.
The Love Drug
When women have sex, a chemical called Oxytocin is released in our brains. Scientists refer to it as the “Cuddle Hormone.” Why? Because it causes the affected person to get all sorts of mushy, googly, nesting romantic feelings. So what happens if you have sex too soon? A guy you thought was just so-so yesterday suddenly becomes Mr. Fabulous once you’ve had sex with him. Did he stop ending jokes with “get it?”, picking his nose or talking incessantly about his mother/pet iguana/job at the post office? No. The difference is sex. Doped up on Oxytocin, it’s much more difficult to judge whether or not he’s someone we really want to be with through the haze of googly-moogly romantic emotion.
The one-month sex embargo is just an extra measure of certainty, to make sure the guy is really someone you want to be involved with on that level of intimacy. How long you wait is up to you, as long as you wait at least a month. After the one-month mark, it will be abundantly clear to your man that you do not take this sex thing lightly, and that someone would have to be pretty darn special before you’d consider jumping into bed with him. And, you will have the opportunity to make your decision using your brain while it is still functioning properly.Don’t worry if you think your guy will leave if you don’t have sex with him. After interviewing hundreds of men on the subject, I can tell you that this simply isn’t a factor. If he can’t wait until you’re ready, he certainly won’t be hanging around long after the deed is done. By waiting, you are sending a message to your guy that sex with you is something special, and he will have no choice but to believe you are worth the wait.
Nag. Nag. Nag. Safety first.
I would be remiss if I didn’t stress the importance of safe sex. Always, always, always use a condom until you are both
1) in a long-term, monogamous relationship and also
2) have both been tested and are clean for STDs.
If it freaks you out to buy condoms at the local Kroger with your yogurt and salad-by-the-pound, by all means order yourself a box from one of the many online drugstores. They’ll deliver right to your door, and even your postal worker won’t suspect a thing. 

09 March, 2012


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When you touch your lips deliberately to another person or object, or make a gesture that mimics such contact, you are kissing. Kissing in some form or variation happens everywhere---in public, in private, in the wild, in the most civilized social situations. Many animals besides human beings---including dogs, cats, and chimpanzees---kiss, or at least seem to be exhibiting what we'd call kissing behavior. We all kiss, and we all tend to take kissing for granted. But kissing can be a fascinating, complex thing. No matter how many kisses you've given and received, you probably have no idea how many types of kisses there actually are or how differently people all over the world view kissing. Here you'll find more than you ever thought there was to know about kissing.

04 March, 2012

I tried my first french kiss

I find this really embarrassing to say because I'm 19, but before recently I'd never french kissed a girl before. Anyway, I had a date with this girl last week and it went so well! When I kissed her for the first time I followed a pausing tip and I went in to kiss her and then paused for a second, smiled whilst she was obviously about to kiss me back, then I kissed her. Just that little subtle pause seemed to work magic!!... she told me I was the best kisser she'd ever kissed - honestly at that moment I felt like such a stud!"

Are you stressed about whether or not you are a good kisser?

 Are you stressed about whether or not you are a good kisser? 

Is there someone you really like that you really want to kiss but don't know how? Do you want to try French kissing but are too embarrassed to ask how to do it? Do you want to make sure your boyfriend or girlfriend loves how you kiss so much that they can't get enough of you? Or do you just want to make sure that you never make a kissing mistake, like trying to kiss someone all wrong?
I know how you feel. I've been there, too! Everyone has to learn how to kiss at some point in their lives. The problem is that it's too weird to ask anyone for advice, and kissing a pillow just doesn't seem to do the trick!
Are you stressed 

02 March, 2012

Whats the average age for a first kiss?

ok this question is everywhere, but i still wanna ask

ok ill be 15 in 2 weeks, i had a chance for a bf and kiss last year but i turned it down because he was a jerk. now i dunno if i should have done that, because everybody else is all like "i kissed so and so" and im like, "dammit"
i know i should wait for the right person and all, but frick! this is taking to long! i dont wanna jump at anybody, but im starting to think im uglier than i alread thought i was :/
so yea, does anybody have the average age a girl gets kissed?

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What is the deal with kissing? It's really quite weird when you think about it..

Don't let nerves ruin your first kiss. Follow VideoJug's guide to the perfect kiss, and kiss for the first time the way you always imagined.
Don't worry. We've all got an in-built ability to kiss - 
even primates do it. So it's a natural phenomenon, 
a bit like breathing, that is difficult to get wrong, and takes a surprisingly little amount of thought. 

Evolution and Mother Nature are on your side - a powerful combination, when all that's going against you are a few nerves, and maybe bad breath. 
Get yourself in the right frame of mind. Instead of dwelling on potential problems, imagine everything going really well. And when the big moment arrives your positive thinking will take over.

01 March, 2012


Teenage Love really messes your head, doesn't it. If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place. Whatever be your problem, we have the solution.
Welcome to TEENAGE LOVE, as far as I know in the internet for teenagers and their love related queries. And for your knowledge, I am a TEACHER which makes the interaction and help much better.
Friends, Love is for everyone. We all have the right to fall in love. This is your guide to achieve your TEENAGE LOVE and keep your relationship smooth. So, what is love? We all have different answers to it. In my opinion love is the feeling that tells you that we need that one person you love and your life is incomplete without that person.  
 Most people understand love in their teens and fall in love for first time in teenage. So, I hope I will be able to help you all teenagers out there in your love life. Remember life without love is no life at all.

  Whatever your need about teen love, you will find help in this site. We have a lot of articles on the specific topic of teen love on this site. Whether your problem is about confessing love, asking a girl on a date or understanding the signs of love,weI have the answer. We also have information on how to properly write love letters without messing it up. If you need help on how to flirt with your girl or boy to convey your feelings, we are here to help you out. Remember, this is about teenage love. So, the flirting tricks are not always the same as those mentioned in general love sites. If you are wondering about what to gift your boyfriend or girlfriend on the next big day, we have composed a list of great gifts that are easy on the pocket but makes the  messes
So, take your time and browse the site. I am sure it will help you a lot in your teenage love life and make it a wonderful one. Good Luck.