05 April, 2012


MS. chary

Every relationship has its own set of problems. It all depends on how many and how much of it you can handle before it brings your relationship into a downfall. Here are some of the signs that may cause you to think your relationship is about to end.

1. Little Or No Communication: If you are sitting at candle lit dinner table and you cant think of anything to say to each other, you might find yourselves splitting up. Communication is a must have in relationships. If you are not communicating with your partner, things might have went dead for your relationship
2. No Time For You: When your partner acts like he doesn't have time for you, you might want to think about leaving him or her.
3. Comes Home Late: This can be excusable if you are really working hard or have family emergencies, but if you find your partner coming home late on a daily routine, there is a chance he or she isn't being faithful.
4. Being Sneaky: Whether its erasing text messages or having private phone calls they don't want you to know about, it is sneaky and more than likely they are hiding something from you.
5. Arguing/Fighting: You are constantly fighting with each other or arguing about the same problems over and over with no end or resolution.
6. Putting You Down: When your partner is always complaining about what you look like or saying things that don't help your self esteem or confidence in your relationship, this is a put down.
7. Parents involvement: no other person except spouce and he must solve the problem, but just like kbc
and mrs kbc with the group of villegers must not involve leave them alone and let them the problem solved or help them other then breaking the love relationship its my own story i and she are the sufferers more probebly my little kids miss a lot and the impact will be with in the minds in these cyberdays so beware of mr kbc.
8. Cant Stand To Be Around Them: If you are happy and all of a sudden your partner walks in the room and you have a frown on your face, something is wrong.
10. They Have Cheated: If your partner has cheated on you in the past, you have little belief in him or her and you will constantly think (and may be) they are cheating on you again.
These are some of the most common signs of a troubled relationship. The first thing to do is realize your relationship has these problems so that you can address them accordingly.

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