25 February, 2012


The single years have always been something of a paradox. paradox
People who are starting to take on responsibilities of adulthood also feel entitled to be young and irresponsible. They see their parents' routine and commitments as stifling but envy the perks that go with that lifestyle. They love the freedom of flying solo and still long for someone to share their lives with.
Today's popular culture creates even greater paradoxes for singles:
People who could go anywhere and do anything often feel paralyzed and unable to fully embrace a choice because it would mean not keeping their options open.
They're seeking a near perfect mate who can love them for who they are but find it difficult to give themselves on those terms to another person.
They seek extreme adventures but often find it too risky to ask someone out on a date or interview for a competitive job.
These paradoxes can keep singles in a holding pattern. Knowing that the "world is your oyster," it feels restricting to settle down into one specific life path. Knowing that this may be your one best shot at fun and freedom, you're careful about taking on obligations and letting people have expectations of you. Knowing the risks of marriage, you want to hold out for the best possible opportunity.
While there can be a certain thrill in that holding pattern for a while, it can start to feel like the college graduate who is still hanging out on campus trying to keep the magic alive. Eventually, the tension of the paradoxes brings many singles back to their deeper desires for purpose, significance and companionship and they find that while they once saw commitment, risk and sacrifice as barriers to those goals, they now know they're actually the paths.
Flexing your commitment muscles by completing educational pursuits, being faithful in entry-level jobs and serving within a church body can dramatically change what you get out of this prime season. That preparation can also make the commitment of marriage less daunting and more fulfilling.
The single years are both special and crucial. At Boundless, our passion is to meet you at the point of paradox and help you face this wide-open season of opportunities with the love, wisdom and strength of a boundless God.

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